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Morey Hall Releases First YouTube Video

Morey Hall’s YouTube account has released a new video which samples an audio performance of his. The video is titled “Morey Hall – Concert Etude No. 3 in D Flat (Un Sospiro) – Liszt”. This audio is also available to listen to for free right on his official website.

While you listen to the video, you’ll notice the professionally made video which includes high quality images that are easy on the eyes. This helps create an enjoyable experience both audibly and visually.

There are a lot of local pianists in the Albany, NY area. Morey has a private studio in the city of Hudson, NY, right near the river. Those who are interested can reach out to him through his website or callĀ (518) 439-7843. His website states calling is the most effective method for a quick response time.